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One Hundred Fifty-seven (157) Colorado Law Enforcement agencies are participating in Incident Based Reporting (IBR) as part of the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. IBR reporting allows agencies to take advantage of computer technology and report detailed incident level data. This data includes detailed information regarding all separate and distinct offenses which occur within one incident, as well as detailed victim, offender, property, and arrest data.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is grateful to the many Colorado sheriffs and chiefs who have devoted considerable resources to Incident Based Uniform Crime Reporting.

For the purpose of the Crimes Against Person Incident Based Reports, the crimes have been counted once per each offense occurring within an incident, and the victims have been counted once per each victim of the crime.


Total Number of Reported Person Incidents*
Offense By Number of Incidents By Number of Victims
8,507 10,176
3,802 4,064
1,951 2,185
1,281 1,380
17,861 19,781
33,402 37,586

*As there can be multiple victims within the same incident, the number of incidents will not equal the number of victims.
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